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3 Common Cosmetic Dental Care Options
3 Common Cosmetic Dental Care Options
December 15, 2020

Not everyone likes to go to the dentist’s office, but there are benefits of visiting every once in a while. If you want to achieve a perfect smile, visit QQ Dental, a dental office in Toronto, to get the dental care your teeth deserve.


Here are a few options that you may like to consider before visiting the dental office.


Tooth Whitening

This is one of the most popular and affordable options in cosmetic dentistry to get a boost of confidence with a white smile. As we get older, our teeth naturally become darker as the protective enamel wears thinner. So, the purpose of teeth whitening is to replace those lost enamel using agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. While these agents are available in local stores, visiting your local dental office in Toronto and allowing your dentist to whiten your teeth is far more efficient.


Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

This operation is the most common for patients who need correction for the positioning of their teeth. Ceramic restorations also allow some colours to be shown during a smile. It can revitalize your teeth into their healthier, youthful appearance. The downside is the cost and the time involved in performing the operation. This is because it requires meticulous steps and consultations, as well as a specialist to perform the task.


Braces and Orthodontics

Braces can help increase your quality of life. Most commonly done for younger patients, orthodontics help teeth grow by restricting the overall formation, resulting in beautifully aligned teeth at the end of the procedure. After many years of development, new technologies have given wearers slightly more comfortability, though it is still recommended for the procedure to be done at a younger age.


Looking for a dental office in Toronto with the best cosmetic dental care, visit QQ Dental. Book your consultation with us today for your first step to a brighter smile.

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Life has been anything but normal this spring and we sincerely hope you and your family are in good health. We are happy to inform you that we are now able to once again provide dental care for you and your family. The Ministry of Health has lifted the restrictions placed back in March. While many things have changed since then, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your health and safety.

Our office has always followed strict infection control standards and in order to keep us all protected during this pandemic and in the future, we have updated our protocols. When we see you at your next appointment, things will be a little different.

Rest assured, all these procedures are designed to create the safest environment for you, other patients and our team.

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Thank you for patience and loyalty throughout this ordeal. We value your trust and look forward to welcoming you back!

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