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3 Underlying Causes of Tooth Aches
3 Underlying Causes of Tooth Aches
February 15, 2019

If you’ve ever undergone a dental emergency, you probably know just how uncomfortable and painful the experience can be. Ultimately you should reach out to an emergency dental clinic in Toronto in the event that you have a dental emergency due to extreme pain from a tooth ache.


Many dental practices will accommodate for those who require emergency dental procedures and would be happy to set up an appointment to conduct the dental procedure required to give you much needed relief.


As with many first-time painful experiences, there may be some confusion or you may require clarification when it comes to how to properly address your dental emergency.


If the source of your pain is not obvious, there are a number of underlying reasons that can cause your tooth to ache. Today we’ll examine 3 of the main causes behind tooth aches in dental patients:



Development of Cavities


  • Often the dental cavity is the source of a toothache
  • The term cavity is attributed to a hole that is evident in the outside layers of the tooth
  • The main purpose of the layers of the tooth is to protect the pulp
  • The pulp is composed of living tissue of nerves and blood vessels
  • Cavities are the result of bacteria converting sugars into acid that end up dissolving the structure of enamel and dentin that make up the outer layers of the tooth
  • If left unchecked, affected pulp can result in the death of the pulp tissue leading to greater issues including dental abscesses or infection



Erupting Wisdom Teeth


  • While it’s not always necessary to extract your wisdom teeth – sometimes the ordeal can be extremely painful, necessitating their extraction
  • The cause of the pain is usually attributed to improperly positioning of your wisdom teeth as they begin to erupt from your gums, or partial eruption from your gums as opposed to fully appearing



Periodontal Disease


  • Periodontal disease is gum inflammation to the extreme – when gingivitis is left untreated, the result is advancement to periodontitis
  • Otherwise known as gum disease, the growth of plaque is the culprit behind your pain
  • Bacteria in plaque serves to inflame your gums, further working away the inner layer of your gums and bone, the result is the formation of pockets
  • These pockets make your gums highly susceptible to infection as they collect debris – further destroying gum tissue and bone, resulting in the dislodging and loosening of your teeth




Finding the Best Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto


Experiencing pain and discomfort can put you in a vulnerable position – but opting for the best emergency dental clinic will set you up for success by ensuring you are met with the right care to quickly and effectively resolve your pain.


QQ Dental provides emergency dental services in Toronto for those who require immediate attention. We understand that patients require procedures that lead to almost instantaneous alleviation of pain and discomfort.


Whether you’re a new patient or returning to us, we are fully equipped to accommodate your needs while also working to prevent further complications. QQ Dental is your go-to emergency dental clinic in Toronto!

Great article, easy to read!
Posted by: Taylor | March 5, 2019, 11:35 am
Interesting read about what typically causes tooth aches in patients! So important to find a suitable emergency dental clinic in Toronto to address dental pain!
Posted by: Samantha | February 15, 2019, 11:34 am
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