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4 Daily Routines Dentists Recommend
4 Daily Routines Dentists Recommend
September 16, 2020

Dentists in Toronto all agree – many dental issues can be easily avoided if patients spent more time adhering to their daily routines. Simple oral health habits can reward you with long-lasting and beautiful pearly whites.


However, most people forget to do all of these daily routines, thus resulting in long-term dental health problems. 


Brush Your Teeth Day and Night

The easiest way to maintain your dental health is to brush your teeth after your morning shower and before you sleep. Brushing reaps many benefits, including keeping tooth-decaying bacteria and decreasing acidity in our oral region. Dentists in Toronto are frequently surprised by how many people neglect this simple task.


Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Many households have turned to toothpaste alternatives because of fluoride's perceived negative impact. However, dentists highly recommend fluoride toothpaste because it remains an efficient tool to keep tooth decay at bay. It creates a life-preserving, protective barrier for your teeth while fighting germs, and much of the speculation around its negative effects have been proven to have no scientific basis.


Have Floss Ready

Dental floss is challenging to use for some, but it's essential in helping you keep up with good dental hygiene. Have floss at the ready after dinner. Truthfully, it is best to floss only once daily. However, you should floss at a maximum of three times – after breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- to remove food fragments and debris.


Use Mouthwash Daily 

Mouthwash is a better solution than gargling salt water or over-brushing. These oral solutions help reduce acid in the mouth and clean areas your toothbrush can't reach. Furthermore, minerals in the oral solutions help improve the integrity and health of your teeth too.


Despite all the care you give your teeth, it may not be enough sometimes. If you need a dentist in Toronto, you can always count on us at Queens Quay Dental Centre for all your needs. Contact us today!

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