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5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Child Has Excellent Oral Health
5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Child Has Excellent Oral Health
August 04, 2021

Your child's dental needs depend on your vigilance. Brushing daily and bringing them to a dental office in Toronto regularly is crucial towards healthy dental development.


Aside from bringing them to a trusted dental office in Toronto, you can use the following tips to help take care of your child’s oral health:


Use a Soft Brush Once Teeth Appears

A baby's gums are extremely sensitive. Using standard toothbrush bristles will damage their gums. Thus, soft baby toothbrushes are the best choice. Most baby care sections have these soft brushes that allow you to apply toothpaste and clean a baby's teeth thoroughly but gently.


The First Dental Appointment

Your child will have a few or all of their teeth on their first birthday. This signals that it is time to visit the dental office in Toronto to start a record of their oral health and monitor their dental growth. Good dental hygiene begins in the first year and ensures that your child will have an excellent set of teeth as they grow older.


Develop Good Brushing Habits

Excellent brushing habits and regular fluoride application prevents cavities and teeth discoloration. Thus, children under six years old should start brushing their teeth under their parent's supervision. Having these regular habits ensures the child's teeth will grow well.


Use Holistic Care

Holistic care is a preventative set of dental hygiene routines that your kids can follow. Optimally, it involves brushing, mouthwash, and fluoride applications. Therefore, consult with your doctor to learn about the best way to apply holistic care for your child's needs.


Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Regular visits to a dental office in Toronto ensure the accurate monitoring of your child's dental health. Dentists can recommend routine adjustments that give your kids the best chance of having excellent oral health at all times.


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Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

Starting March 2024 our office participate in the CDCP

(CDCP) is a federal government program intended to reduce financial barriers to oral health care. The program will provide coverage of the cost of dental care for Canadian residents who do not have dental benefits and have a household income of less than $90,000 a year.

Dental care under the CDCP is expected to start in Spring 2024. The federal government has committed to rolling out the CDCP coverage in stages. Below is a table with the expected timelines for applications to the CDCP.

Group Applications open
Seniors aged 87 and above Starting December 2023
Seniors aged 77 to 86 Starting January 2024
Seniors aged 72 to 76 Starting February 2024
Seniors aged 70 to 71 Starting March 2024
Seniors aged 65 to 69 Starting May 2024
Persons with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate Starting June 2024
Children under age 18 Starting June 2024
All remaining eligible Canadian residents Starting 2025

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