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Get to Know Your Teeth – Dental Anatomy 101
Get to Know Your Teeth – Dental Anatomy 101
October 11, 2019

Four Basic Components​

Before delving into the layers that comprise a tooth, we need to provide some context for the areas we will be referring to. There are two distinct areas that dental clinics in Toronto will often use when referencing a tooth:


  • Crown – the part of the tooth above the gum.
  • Root – the part of the tooth residing within the jawbone.


With the scene set, let’s break down the sections that make up a tooth.



Calcium and phosphorus are the minerals the make up most of the enamel. It can be identified as the layer that predominantly covers the crown of your tooth. It is notorious for its structural rigidity, but chewers beware – once it is damaged it cannot be replaced.



In terms of highest percentage of what makes up a tooth, that prize goes to dentine. Its structure shares much in common with bone, but is - believe it or not - much harder. Should your enamel become damaged, say from aggressive brushing, dentine exposure is what is responsible for sensitivity to touch and temperature.  


If you could slice through dentine, you would see minute canals coursing through it – these contain the fluid and extensions of the cells from the pulp cavity. Which brings us to…


Pulp Cavity

Located near the centre of your tooth is the pulp cavity. This is the soft underbelly of the tooth that contains the necessary living cells, blood vessels, and nerve endings required for the formation of dentine and survival of the tooth.



You may have gathered from the etymology of ‘cementum’ that it be like cement (bone-like cement, to be precise) – and you’d be right! What it is, is calcified material covering the root of your teeth. But that’s not all, they work in conjunction with periodontal fibres, these tough fibres are fixed inside cementum and a central in ensuring your teeth don’t jiggle about i.e. are held in place.


The Tip of the ‘Tooth’Berg

We’ve given you the basics behind your dental anatomy, these are the fundamentals any dental clinic in Toronto will be familiar with, but there is a whole lot more to these intricate masticating machines that they know inside out! This knowledge allows practices like the Queens Quay dental clinic in Toronto to provide everything from dental emergencies to cosmetic dentistry. Make an appointment and keep your smile spotless!

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