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How Often Should You Visit Your Dental Office in Toronto?
How Often Should You Visit Your Dental Office in Toronto?
May 10, 2018

Going to the nearest dental office in Toronto often becomes a priority to most people only when they experience a toothache and the pain becomes unbearable. When this happens, the patient rushes to book an appointment with the nearest dental office in Toronto and hopes that there are no other patients or that the staff is readily available to fix the concern. This becomes a problem if there’s a long line of other patients also waiting to get their teeth fixed.


Queens Quay Dental Centre, your dental office in Toronto, is happy to service all your dental needs, emergency or non-emergency!


Aside from wisdom teeth which can become impacted, grow in the wrong direction, get infected and cause an excruciating amount of pain, there are a few other common causes of a toothache. These problems can easily be avoided with regular visits to the dental office in Toronto.


Most toothaches are caused by cavities. Cavities happen when there is a plaque buildup. If this problem is untreated, it can damage a tooth's pulp or the tooth's center which is made up of sensitive tissues.


Another common reason for toothaches is gum infection. This issue occurs when plaque deposits are not treated, accumulates in the mouth and hardens into tartar. This substance can irritate gums and cause a variety of gum diseases including gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums and periodontitis which damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone supporting the teeth.


These issues can easily be avoided through scheduled dental checkups and teeth cleaning. There are no guidelines as to how often you should go visit your dental office in Toronto. For most people, visiting the dentist twice a year is fine.


However, this does not apply to everyone since not all are lucky to have very little risk of cavities or gum problems. For smokers, diabetics, those with current teeth or gum problems, pregnant women and others with high risk of oral problems, quarterly visits may be necessary.


To help prevent teeth or gum problems, visit your dental office in Toronto. Queens Quay Dental Centre will help you maintain great oral health and will provide expertise in preventative dental care. Smile bright and contact QQ Dental today!

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