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When to Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic
When to Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic
May 03, 2021

Like all other health emergencies, dental emergencies too come unannounced. As soon as you notice dental pain or any cosmetic or functional damages, it’s best to visit an emergency dental clinic in Toronto. The longer you wait, the worse the pain will get. Even if you’re someone who’s extremely anxious about visits to the dentist, it’s important to remember that the pain you’re in can be stopped. Here are five critical situations in which a visit to the dentist is a must.


Situations that call for a visit to an emergency dental clinic in Toronto


Fractured teeth

If you've noticed your tooth chip off for any reason, don't treat it as an irrelevant situation. Tooth fractures are a sign of poor dental health that warrants a visit to the dentist. Plan a visit to your emergency dental clinic in Toronto right away to receive proper assessment and consequent care.


Crown replacement

Even the best-made crowns and implants can get dislodged or need replacement. If you have a dental crown that suddenly seems a little off, check with your dentist immediately. Visit your emergency dental clinic in Toronto to replace the crown or to figure out the problem with your existing one.


Bleeding gums

Several dental diseases can cause gums to bleed. Mild symptoms can go away with a cold compress, which allows the bleeding to slow down while helping the gums heal. If bleeding gums persist for more than two weeks, it's best to see dental professionals.


Abscess on the gums

Abscesses can be extremely painful. If neglected, the pus in the abscess can increase, further elevating the pain. Whether the pain is too much or the abscess needs to be drained, we recommend seeing a dentist for proper cleaning and assessment.  


Injuries caused by an accident

If you’ve been in an accident and have suffered facial injuries, make sure that you check for any dental damages. While most people rush to the emergency room after an accident, they often forget to look for dental injuries.


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