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Why do I have Sensitive Teeth?
Why do I have Sensitive Teeth?
November 18, 2019

Sensitive teeth is a common issue patients that visit family dentists in Toronto face on an ongoing basis. Common symptoms include sharp temporary pain when brushing, eating, and drinking. People with sensitive teeth feel pain especially when drinking or eating very hot or very cold beverages or meals.


This pain is usually the result of worn tooth enamel or exposure of the tooth’s roots. Pain and discomfort can be exacerbated due to other factors such as cavities, cracked or chipped teeth, worn-out fillings, or periodontal disease (gum disease).


Many patients opt for a reputable family dentist in Toronto for tips and tricks on how to alleviate pain and discomfort due to sensitive teeth.


Avoid Acidic Foods and Beverages


Acidic foods and beverages wear down the protective enamel of your teeth. Tooth enamel is the hard, outer layer of your teeth that serve the purpose of protecting against tooth decay. Instead of acidic foods, opt for fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, and plain yogurt, as these foods help moisten your mouth and defend against the bacteria that wear down your teeth.


Don’t Brush Too Hard


Brush your teeth using a soft-bristled brush and don’t apply too much force. Brushing your teeth with a heavy hand will end up removing more than just plaque, and will also begin to wear away tooth enamel. You should brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly.


Take a Break from Teeth Whitening


While having white teeth is something we all want, it can also be the source of your pain. Especially if you opt for teeth whitening on a regular basis. While sensitivity due to teeth whitening is temporary, it is important to consult your family dentist in Toronto to ensure the treatment isn’t affecting you differently.


Unclench Your Teeth


Have a habit of clenching your teeth? People often clench their teeth due to stress and anxiety, or sub-consciously during sleep. Slowly, the effects of continued grinding of your teeth leads to the wearing away of tooth enamel. You can avoid unclenching your teeth by addressing your stress and anxiety. If the issue persists, a dentist might prescribe a splint or mouth guard.

Family dentists in Toronto are a real lifesaver. Our child had sensitive teeth and was causing them so much trouble until we went in for an appointment!
Posted by: Lilly | March 19, 2020, 9:52 am
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